How then Shall We Live in the Shadow of Coronavirus Panic and Pandemic?

As Christians, we will remember that we belong to Christ, and conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the people of God. We are people of faith, and will trust God in illness or in health, in life and death and in the resurrection. We value life, so we will follow the best advice of… Continue reading How then Shall We Live in the Shadow of Coronavirus Panic and Pandemic?

Home at Last

My co-author and mother (yes, it is possible for a mother & daughter to write a book together and still like each other!) died last Tuesday, and is to be buried this Tuesday. Nancy Ann Lewis Ferguson of Abilene passed away Tuesday, July 16. Funeral services will be at Hillcrest Church of Christ, Abilene at… Continue reading Home at Last


Onesiphorus from 11th century Byzantine illuminated manuscript known as Menologion of Basil II (Vaticanus graecus 1613) picturing 70 disciples in Luke 10. (Wikimedia Commons) Betrayed and abandoned by those who should have been friends.  Imprisoned in a foreign country on false charges and expecting execution.  If there was ever a time for despair, this was… Continue reading Onesiphorus

Practice These Things and Devote Yourself to Them

Its not unusual for church leaders to be frustrated that members aren’t more active. And they tend to attribute lack of involvement to lack of commitment, or not taking faith seriously. But the results of actual attempts at involvement suggest other factors are at work. Consider these (real) examples. Young mother sees specific way to… Continue reading Practice These Things and Devote Yourself to Them

But Grow in the Grace of Our Savior Jesus Christ

“You’re such a people-person!” he said. Startled, I did not know how to reply. I am, in all respects an “introvert”: more comfortable observing rather than participating; having little patience with “small talk”; preferring to work alone; and needing solitude. I thought he knew me better than this! If in doubt, smile. Afterwards, I had… Continue reading But Grow in the Grace of Our Savior Jesus Christ

Signs in John’s Gospel

There are several words in Scripture for what we might call “miracles”: mighty deeds emphasizes the power behind the unusual occurrences wonders emphasizes the effect what is happening has on witnesses signs emphasizes that the event indicates something/someone of greater significance The preferred word for “miracles” in the Gospel of John is the word “signs”,… Continue reading Signs in John’s Gospel