Like Timothy, I learned the scriptures from my family as a child.
Like Paul, I both studied the Bible formally under some of the great teachers of the day and studied on my own.
Like Priscilla, I work beside my husband teaching the Word and encouraging others to grow in faith.
Like Eunice, I taught my children of God. (Unlike her, I had my husband’s help.)
Like the author of Hebrews, I know that time does not always bring maturity and that a healthy spiritual diet is important to growth.

I hope here to share a little of what I have learned along the way. Sometimes it will be the simple milk of the Word. Often it will be meat which requires some maturity to digest, and which itself brings maturity.

I pray that those who read this will be blest by it.


Theta Lady is drawn with three Greek letters: theta, psi, delta. (Her friend Theta Man has theta, psi, omega.) The acronym is Θεω ψυχη διακονίας meaning a life of service to God.

My real name is Ann Ferguson Doyle. My husband and I met in the college library, over a couple of Hebrew books. We’ve spent our 30+ years together studying, teaching, and living God’s word. We raised three kids who didn’t turn out at all like “PKs” (Preacher’s Kids) are rumored to be.

I tend to react slowly, so although I may write about contemporary topics, I rarely comment on current events.