But Grow in the Grace of Our Savior Jesus Christ

“You’re such a people-person!” he said. Startled, I did not know how to reply. I am, in all respects an “introvert”: more comfortable observing rather than participating; having little patience with “small talk”; preferring to work alone; and needing solitude. I thought he knew me better than this! If in doubt, smile. Afterwards, I had… Continue reading But Grow in the Grace of Our Savior Jesus Christ


Do Not Neglect to Do Good

New friends brought this lovely blooming plant; as soon as it was hung in back yard, a hummingbird was checking it out. I soon grew accustomed to watering it morning and evening in the triple-digit sunny West Texas summer, and greatly enjoyed both its colorful flowers and the hummers which flutter around it. A quart… Continue reading Do Not Neglect to Do Good