My Cup Runneth Over

The Twenty-third Psalm is a favorite of many. It describes the love of God for us as that of a good shepherd caring for his own sheep. Most of the Psalm describes the work of a shepherd in terms that even those of us who never spent any time around sheep can understand: the shepherd… Continue reading My Cup Runneth Over


Jesus said, “I Am…” in John

The Gospel of John records the testimony of many eyewitnesses to Jesus’ work and teachings. It also records many of the things Jesus said about himself. To the Roman Governor Pilate, he affirms that he is king (John 18:37, 19:21), but his kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36). Jesus uses the prophetic title… Continue reading Jesus said, “I Am…” in John

Signs in John’s Gospel

There are several words in Scripture for what we might call “miracles”: mighty deeds emphasizes the power behind the unusual occurrences wonders emphasizes the effect what is happening has on witnesses signs emphasizes that the event indicates something/someone of greater significance The preferred word for “miracles” in the Gospel of John is the word “signs”,… Continue reading Signs in John’s Gospel